Drop test facility, also for other makes

Drop test facility, also for other makes

globally unique

VERHOEF is the only manufacturer and supplier of FREEFALL LIFEBOATS  with a permanent facility for DROP testing of FREEFALL LIFEBOATS. This feature is highly appreciated by our Clients, and facilitates the commissioning process
on the offshore platform.

A multi purpose test tower, designed and manufactured by VERHOEF, has been erected in the Port of Amsterdam and its height can be increased to 42.00 meters by means of modular tower sections.

The freefall lifeboats are positioned in their cradles by means of a mobile crane, and drops with different loading conditions can be carried out up to 100 kgs per seat to meet LSA/SOLAS and DNV-OS-E406 requirements.

As other lifeboat suppliers are lacking such a permanent facility VERHOEF has received already a number of contracts from Oil Companies, which have purchased lifeboats from other makes, but are anxious to test them by using VERHOEFs expertise and experience, before delivery to the platform.

 As VERHOEF understands their concerns, various types of GRP lifeboats have already been drop tested from different heights.

 VERHOEF has different type of cradles available to suit GRP FFLBs from other makes as well.