Bulwark Ladders

Bulwark Ladders

Verhoef produces two types of bulwark ladders, either with antislips steps (type A) or flat checkerplate steps (type B), designed for bulwarkheight between 1-1,20 mtr.

Both types are entirely made of seawaterresistant aluminium alloy and alodised as extra protection against corrosion. 

The Verhoef bulwark ladders are standard equipped with one, removable, handrail for use on both sides. Upon request a second handrail can be ordered.

The stepwidth of the bulwarkladders is 68 cm.

Weight of the bulwark ladder with checkerplate steps: 16 kg
Weight of the bulwark ladder with antislip steps: 26 kg

Bulwark ladders are sold from stock.

It is also possible to have a bulwarkladder custom-built for you, exactly according to the specifications you request. 

Please contact our sales department at +31 (0)20 3167100 or gangway@verhoef.eu