Barge gangways

Barge gangways

Safe access and easy operation


Verhoef designs and manufactures gangway systems, both for large ULCC's and barge vessels.
These barge gangways provide safe access and easy operation for personnel.
The proven designs are carried out in high grade steel and aluminium.

The three main designs for these type of barge gangways are:

Each of these type of barge gangways can be adapted to the specific requirements of the client.
The gangways can be provided with antislip self-levelling steps, fixed steps or flat walking surface.

Operating the gangway system is easy, either by hydraulic, electric or manual controls.
If required, the barge gangway system can be equipped with an explosion-proof electrical system.

  • Inland barges
  • River barges
  • Bulk and liquid barges
  • Coasters
  • Floating docks
  • Small scall LNG vessels
  • Bunker vessels
  • Construction barges

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