Lifetime extension programme

Lifetime extension programme

Verhoef Access Technology sets great value to the performance of the equipment supplied and has therefore set up a Lifetime Extension Programme (LTEP) for existing access systems and gangways.

The Lifetime Extension Programme starts with a thorough inspection by one of our inspection engineers. Our engineer checks the condition of your entire equipment and writes a comprehensive report on its status, with a clear view on the current level of safety and recommendations on repairs, replacements or overhaul, either on an urgent base or in the future. In the conclusion of the report, an advice including cost comparison for various options is offered. 

Also, should the quantity or size of berthing tankers at your terminal have changed, our engineers can offer you a modification programme which ensures you will be able to handle all tankers without a problem. 

Any refurbishment or life time extension is carried out with Verhoef qualified equipment. As Original Equipment Manufacturer, we can guarantee the installed replacement parts and renovation or modification work. 

We can assure you that the lifetime of your gangway systems will be increased considerably when the advised recommendations are carried out. Needless to say, it is very important for you to have optimal reliability and safety of your access equipment – at minimum costs. We trust you agree that an optimal condition will avoid sudden breakdowns of essential elements which would cause delays in your daily operations. 

Even if you have a gangway system which was not originally supplied by Verhoef, we are still the qualified party to perform an inspection and report you (even as second opinion) on the safety and lifetime expectations of your gangway system. 

Interested in a 'life-cycle inspection' or do you need additional information? Please contact our sales representatives at +31 (0)20 3167100 or