HMS Queen Elisabeth arrives in Portsmouth

Date: Aug 18, 2017

This week the Britain's flagship HMS Queen Elizabeth sailed into her home port of Portsmouth for the first time.
Which means the Verhoef gangway systems, known in the maritime industry as 'brows', were taken into full operation for the first time. These gangway systems which are designed and developed especially for this new type of aircraft carrier, as existing designs were too short for this huge ship.

The gangways will provide industrial and naval workforces day-to-day access. The telescopic gangways will extend up to 19 metres and will be used mainly by Royal Navy and VIP visitors. The aircraft lift brow will allow easy access to the ships for support staff.

The gangways/brows are built to provide a means of access that can be deployed quickly, without the need of a crane, and taking account of tidal conditions and ship movements.

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