STATOIL and VERHOEF sign multi-year Framework Agreement for Freefall Lifeboats

Date: Jun 27, 2014

Bergen, Norway – VERHOEF Aluminium BV from the Netherlands has been awarded a five year Framework Agreement by Statoil to provide freefall lifeboat systems, as well as related products and support services.

“Since our initial contact in February 2012 we have exchanged a lot of information regarding our aluminium freefall lifeboats.  Statoil has inspected our FFLB’s which were already designed and manufactured in accordance with DNV-OS-E406 and NORSOK R-002”, said Martin Verhoef, CEO from VERHOEF Aluminium BV.  “Our freefall lifeboats are considerably different, and manufacturing them from aluminium alloys offers a lot of advantages towards GRP lifeboats”.

Aluminium is renowned for its high strength to weight-ratio characteristic, long duration of life (>25 years) and a minimum of maintenance required. It also offers the flexibility to manufacture lifeboats as per Clients’ specific requirements, in view of capacity but also towards sizes. These features are of great value not only for future projects, but also with regard to upcoming ‘retrofit projects’ where existing platforms of Statoil will be upgraded with new freefall lifeboats, in accordance with the latest standards. 

VERHOEF Aluminium BV has already submitted various proposals where existing platforms do not need to change out their launching systems to match with the tailor-made aluminium freefall lifeboats. Clearly this offers a significant cost-saving effect for the Oil Companies.

“The frame agreement signed with Statoil underlines exactly the mutual goal of both companies, to achieve maximum safety for all workers on board of the platforms and ships,” said Verhoef. “We are of course honoured with this agreement, which shows that Statoil has confidence in our technology, competence and ability to deliver solutions they need”.

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