Counterweight system for gangways

Counterweight system for gangways

- easy handling of onshore gangways -

Gangways with a considerable length, used at terminals, often become too heavy to position onto the ship by means of manpower. 

Using a hoisting device becomes necessary but may not always be available. This may lead to dangerous situations and health risks.

Verhoef has developed a patented solution to enable one person to easily ride the gangway towards the ship and lift it upward. 


Advantages of the Verhoef Counterweight System:

  • One person can manoeuvre and lift the gangway, with minimal effort
  • Positioning the gangway without hoisting equipment
  • A balanced gangway, over the full vertical range, due to unique wheel pattern
  • The counterweight system fits all Verhoef gangways (new ánd existing gangways)
  • Available for lenghts up to 12m

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