The Ziertainer is a multifunctional device for both safely transporting and attractively displaying flowers and plants.

In contrary to carton packaging, the Verhoef Ziertainers are durable and multiple usable, which helps reduce the waste problem and is better for the environment. Aluminium is a 100% re-usable material. Before manufacture, the aluminium is alodised, which makes it the Ziertainer a maintenance free product. 

The Ziertainer constists of two parts, a bottom-part and two removable racks. When put together and wrapped with shrinkplastic, the Ziertainer provides a solid aluminium construction which gives optimal protection to the flowers and plants. 

When the Ziertainers are empty, the racks are stored inside the bottom-part and large quantities of bottomparts can be stacked upon each other efficiently, for a compact return shipment.

One Ziertainer is suitable for up to 6 buckets. 
The total weight of a complete Ziertainer is 7,2 kg net. 

For further information, please contact our sales department at sales@verhoef.eu