Mobile Passenger Bridge Systems

For safe access to cruise vessels, Verhoef designs, builds and installs passenger bridge systems. Based on the technology used for ship to shore access systems for oil and gas terminals, Verhoef builds passenger bridges at customer specification, adjusted to existing situations or integrated in the design of a new passenger terminal.

Some specifics: 
- Large flexibility the fulfilment of operational and design requirements 
- Customisation of interior and alignment of design and appearance of the interior of the passenger terminal 
- Varying elevation heights, depending on tidal movements 
- Flexibility in design to fit various lengths of concours and positions of ships doors 
- Robust design of the electric/hydraulic system for operation of movement and positioning of the installation

The first system was built in 1966 and many have been built since. Not only for use at cruise terminals but also for use at airports and airplane maintenance services.