Wheelhouse for two pilots with dual control and 360° view

DNV OS-E406  -  Design Standard for Freefall Lifeboats:

 As required in Section 11 – A 1500 – Manoeuvring positions and panel :

- 1501 Two positions for manoeuvring the lifeboat shall be provided. All instruments and warning lamps shall be easily observable from both positions.
It shall be possible to operate the VHF radio from both seats.
- 1502 The two positions for manoeuvring the lifeboat shall be located side by side, one on the starboard side and one on the port side, with a common instrument panel between them.
- 1505 Adequate visibility from the manoeuvring positions shall be provided to allow for 360⁰ visibility from each manoeuvring position.

Navigation Assistant for the Pilots

For one of our Clients we have provided a Navigation Assistence System which provides the pilots onboard a freefall lifeboat to navigate away from the danger zone and into a safe direction. Navigation Assistant System (NAS) is an instrument for visual guidance of safe direction to navigate away from a damaged ship or platform. The system is activated when the lifeboat is experiencing a free fall, and NAS will immediately start giving the pilot information.

An organized display with arrows and lights will lead the lifeboat away from the danger zone and into safety. Further details can be found at: www.scanmatic.no