Fire Test with Verhoef Freefall Lifeboats

An extensive fire test was carried out to obtain worldwide certification. A tank filled with 4000 litres of kerosine burned for 10 minutes, enough time to cover a distance of a mile at full speed through a burning sea. Temperatures were recorded at 17 locations; the outside temperature rose up to 1200°C, the temperature at 10 cm from the outside hull was lowered by the waterspraysystem to 700°C, the inside temperature averaged at only 30°C. The inside atmosphere was analysed for the presence of toxic gases, which proved not to be present.  

The small photograph on the left shows the aluminium lifeboat prior to fire test. The waterspray forms an integral part of the aluminium hull. The small photograph on the right shows the lifeboat after the test; the only damage the boat suffered during the firetest were some soot marks on the hull.